About Michael…

Michael started painting while attending a program at United Cerebral Palsy in 2010 at age 14. From there he added a home studio his parents Chris and Michelle made for him so he could paint at home. At Gamble Montessori High School Michael did ceramics and painting at the Cincinnati Arts and Technology Center at Longworth Hall. After graduating high school he joined Visionaries and Voices in Northside where he is one of the studio artists there, and expanded his art into fabrics. Now, Michael has his own studio space at the Pendleton Art Center in Studio #107 on the first floor in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Many people ask if Michael’s art is all his own. Yes, every brush stroke is his own, every part of the creative process is his own.

In Michael’s words,

“I like to make art, it is fun for me. When I graduated from high school I tried a lot of job programs, but I didn’t want spend my day in workshops. I told my parents I want to make art. When someone buys a piece of my art it makes me feel good. I think about where they will hang it, and I want people to look at it and feel happy.

My goal is to support myself with my art. When I think about what I want to paint, I think of the Cincinnati parks and trails where I ride my bike. I also think about the ocean, and the gardens I have worked in. Sometimes I paint characters from my favorite shows like “old school” Sesame Street. I usually listen to music while I paint, and I really like being in my studio at the Pendleton Art Center. It is quiet, and I like to be around the other artists.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you will come visit and see (and buy!) my pieces at my studio.”

7 thoughts on “About Michael…

  1. Hi Michael, I am so thrilled with the pieces of your artwork I bought today down on Main Street. I’ve already installed the light switch covers and I know I’ll smile every time I see them. The Cookie Monster bag I plan to use to carry all the books I read. Just love all of it. Thank you for making my day!

  2. Michael, my office building informed me of your El Camino trip. I made a small donation, but wanted to tell you my wife and daughter just returned from hiking the El Camino!!! I’ve given them your facebook address, and asked them to reach out to you and share a story, words of encouragement etc. It will be awesome…good luck!


  3. Hey. Michael, it’s Mr. Wells and I just wanted to let you know that I am so proud of you. You and your family has been such a blessing in my life. I am at the new Gamble Montessori H.S on Werk Rd. Looking forward to come down to see you. Keep up the awesome work.

  4. I just purchased Oscar the Grouch last night. You are inspirational in your ferver to persevere. God bless your parents! I am sure they are strong and the rest of us should be thankful for knowing someone like you.
    The picture I purchased is a treasure!

    I would love to know how I can share with you where I placed your picture in my house for ALL to see.

    Keep being YOU.

  5. Hello! This is Michael here, thank you so much for buying my art. I have a facebook page also for my studio where people post where they hang their art. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelatthePAC/. Sorry we missed you, I was not feeling well for Final Friday, but I am usually there every month and also during the days Tues-Wed-Thurs’s 10am up until 2pm if you want to come back again!

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